Gas Boiler Servicing

I service gas boilers and central heating on a daily basis. Whether you have an old back boiler or the latest high efficiency condensing boiler.

New boilers often come with a long guarantee up to 10 years. The manufacturers normally do repair work. All the manufacturers will want, is for the boiler to be serviced every year and paper work filled out to show this has been done. If you do not get your boiler serviced and it develops a fault you will probably end up paying for the parts and labour. So make sure you get your new boiler service annually.

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Gas Fire Servicing

I service gas fires. It is very important to get fires checked regularly as any flue problems may result in poisonous carbon monoxide gases spilling into your room.

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Boiler Replacement

A boiler replacement is removing an old boiler and replacing it with a new high efficiency boiler. This is normally a straightforward job.

Boiler Upgrades

Boiler upgrades are normally the same as boiler replacement but may also involve additional work like updating controls and programmers, upgrading the pump, replacing the hot water cylinder etc.

Boiler Systems Converted

System conversions are the most common job that I do. This is when you have an old traditional system with a gas boiler, a hot water cylinder and loft tanks. All this is removed and is replaced with just one new high efficiency condensing combination boiler. Quite often the boiler is repositioned in another part of the house. Customers will often use less gas, ending with reduced gas bills. This is especially so with people who use little hot water i.e. they have a bath a couple of times a week and just use a basin or two per day. They save money as they are no longer heating up a large hot water tank twice a day.

Large families can gain valuable space in the house and will never run out of hot water.

Radiator Replacements

Whether you want to install a radiator where there has never been one or update your old ones, increase the size to get more heat or replace with a new chrome towel rail.

I do them all.

Controls Replaced

Radio Controlled Controls, Timers, Room Thermostats, Programmers, Programmable Room Thermostat, Motorised Valves, Heating Pumps, Condensing Pumps, Cylinder Thermostats, Wiring Centres and wiring.

I do it all.

Gas Pipe Work

Every boiler, fire and cooker must have gas pipe work. This can only be installed, repaired, rectified, altered and tested by a gas registered engineer.

Which I am.

Hot Water Tanks

These come in many shapes and sizes. The most common job I do with these is to replace existing leaking tanks. See “gallery” page for photos of leaks.

Fault Finding

If your heating or hot water is playing up it most likely it has developed some kind of fault.

Fault finding is a very skilled job and can take years of experience to be able to find the correct fault. Countless times I have been to jobs where things have been wired incorrectly, installed the wrong way round, just installed incorrectly, not diagnosed properly, incorrect parts replaced, the list goes on. If I cannot diagnose the fault then I will not charge you for my time (not like some companies) and I will probably be able to recommend a man who can.

Plumbing Work

As I am a skilled gas engineer I am more than qualified to do basic plumbing work which I also do on a regular basis. Here is a list of some of the other plumbing work I do:

  • Replace kitchen, basin and bath taps.
  • Install outside taps.
  • Install gas hobs, gas cookers, dish washers and washing machines.
  • Install toilet flushes, showers, shower pumps, sinks, loft tanks and float valve.
  • Install radiator valves and thermostatic radiator valves.

The list goes on.