System conversions are the most common job that I do.

Here are a couple of photos of different jobs, showing the before and after shot.

The tank and old boiler were in a different position.

This is the start of the new location for this Vaillant ecotec 837 combination boiler.

This is the finished boiler, up and running.

Very happy customer

Here is a system conversion where the new boiler is relocated in the airing cupboard. They wanted to keep the airing cupboard warm all year, so a large towel rail was fitted at the same time with its own timer.

Here is the old hot water tank and pipe work

Here is the finished job.

Very happy customer


Replacing an old combination boiler for a new high efficiency condensing

combination boiler is another very regular job that I do.

Here are a couple of photo of different jobs, showing the before and after shot.

This is the old Heat-Line combination boiler with a mess of badly fitted push fit white fittings.

Combination Boiler Before Combination Boiler After
Here is a new Vaillant ecotec 831 and Magna Clean installed

All the plastic fittings have been removed and the pipe work tided up.
Very happy customer.


Here is an old Vaillant boiler. It had a constant leak which had destroyed the boiler.

You can see all the scale and rust on the side of the boiler.

This customer just put a bowl under it and neglected to get it looked at.

Here is the new Vaillant ecotec pro 24 installed in its place. You can see this boiler is considerably smaller than the old one. Another happy customer.


Hot water cylinder tanks are a very common replacement job.

Two different hot water cylinders both replaced because of leaks.


I was called to a house because of a smell of gas. After investigation I found a short piece of steel gas pipe work covered in cement which had rusted though. I cut out the old rusty steel pipe and replaced it with new copper pipe.

DIY Gas Pipe Work

I was asked to tidy up some pipe work in a kitchen and found this terrible bit of pipe work.

You can clearly see the compression elbow and then the copper pipe has been soldered

into it and the nut left on the pipe. At the end of this bit of pipe is a 10mm pipe which has just

been pushed up inside the 15mm pipe and the large gap filled in with solder.

Both very illegal connections.


I regularly install, replace, up-grade, convert and relocate radiators of all different shapes and sizes.

Here are just couple or radiator jobs I have done.

Here is the start and finished job.

This was fitted in an extension where they had a concrete floor, so the pipe work had to go though the ceiling.

Here is a curved radiator I replaced for a customer.

The old radiator had a hole in it which could not be repaired.

You can clearly see the rust hole. This pipe work was adjusted under the floor to suite the new radiator.


I do all sorts of servicing as my daily jobs.

Here are 4 different boilers being serviced.

Photo 1 and 2 are high efficiency Vaillant combination boilers, 3 is a water heater and 4 is a very blocked up back boiler

Magna-Cleans / Magnetic Filters normally serviced on each visit. Here is before and after photo of a Magna-Clean doing its job.

Not just a gimmick.

You can clearly see all the dirt collected, as I wash it off in the sink.

Today’s high efficiency boilers can work at very high temperatures. Failing to get your boiler serviced can

prove to be very expensive as this customer found out when his boiler melted down due to lack of maintenance.

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