About Me


Let me introduce myself. My name is Mark Ballard and I have been a gas registered engineer for over 20 years.

My business has been established in Gosport since 1995 and for many years, I have concentrated on gas boilers and central heating.

I have installed hundreds of gas boiler in customer’s homes and because of the quantity and consistency of the work; I have gained great knowledge and expertise in new and existing installations.

My experience, knowledge and technical expertise enables me to carry out work with little fuss or mess. So you, the customer, can sit back and enjoy the benefits of your installation.

Customers often ask me if I can foresee any problems. Problems to me are just a part of the job which needs a little more attention. Just about every job will have what some people would say is a problem but with a little thought and no great fuss they can be overcome.

There is normally always an alternative option, but it is essential that installations conform to building regulations. Failure to do so could invalidate your house insurance and any warranty on your new boiler.

More importantly a cowboy installer could be dangerous and a life and health risk to you and your family.

Working with boilers on a day-to-day business also means I am equipped with all the necessary tools and materials can be quickly acquired so they can be installed quickly and smoothly.

This means estimates can be kept very competitively priced. I hope this is the case with your estimate. Please do call me if you have a cheaper estimate as things are not always what they seem!

Don’t go cheap on a new boiler if you can help it. A typical gas boiler may be running for hours each day or maybe all day in the winter adding up to hundreds of hours of use each year.

Every time the tap is turned on or your heating calls for heat, the fan runs, the pump runs, the gas valves open and close constantly modulating gas rate, the motorised valve will operate and the sensors will constantly monitor the operation and much more.
Today’s modern boilers are highly sophisticated high performance machines. Often a cheap boiler will not last as long and parts will be 2-3 times more expensive.

So don’t get sold cheap rubbish. This also applies to the installation as I have seen some shocking installations.

You can see my standard of work in my photos on this website or Facebook.

Bad Installers

If you want a good quality boiler make sure you do not get sold a cheap one. I get very frustrated when a customer tells me they have had a new top of the range boiler fitted when I know that they have been sold a cheap one.

Customers often call me because they cannot get hold of the original installer. This is often because the installer is out of their area and is only interested in big jobs out of there area.

Just because an installer is “Gas Safe Registered” it does not mean they are good at their job. Countless times I have been to jobs which have had problems misdiagnosed.